We Manufacture High Efficiency Construction Materials

We manufacture building solutions that bridge the gap between energy efficiency, affordability and high quality. Using Global Sigma Tech proprietary technology we manufacture high efficiency construction materials (walls, floors, boards) which are used to build residential, commercial, government, military and globally relevant structures without the use of cement, steel or wood.  Enabling significant savings in costs, build time, and energy operation.

We are different because we have been creating buildings and building materials for decades. Our extent of knowledge and flexibility helps us to face the challenge of creating products and processes for individual markets. We are different because we control our factory, so production, timing and quality are all under our supervision. Getting the right materials to the people who need them is our goal. Everyday we build more.


Another reason why we’re different, is because of the major advantages to our SigmaCrete™ technology. It is virtually indestructible, resistant to water, fire, mold, weather and a great insulator as well. Check out the many advantages to the Global Sigma Tech products.






Global Sigma Tech is a global corporation with current operations in the USA, Panama, South America, China.

We have created a load bearing insulating wall and floor  system with structural skins made of high-strength Patented SigmaCrete™ that has a core made of a construction proprietary material. This results in a superior construction combination that is stronger and a better way to build.

Global Sigma Tech’s proprietary materials and construction processes allow for rapid construction of durable, affordable, sustainable and energy efficient houses with minimal environmental impact.

The versatility our products  and the advanced technology applied allows the construction of a complete structure from foundation to roof. The building components include structural insulated panels that can be used to manufacture exterior walls, interior walls, beams, columns, profiles, and roofing. SigmaCrete™ products have  inherent characteristics that make it a better building alternative.


SigmaBoard™ is our exclusive product composed of SigmaCrete™ and is manufactured with our proprietary formulation, suitable for a wide range of general building uses and for applications that require fire resistance, mold and mildew control, sound control applications and many other benefits.


We manufacture 2 types of Walls, Sigma-PE and Sigma-SC. Sigma-PE is a SIP Structural Insulated Panel made out of two skins of our exclusive SigmaBoard™ and PE (High Impact Polystyrene) core. Sigma-SC is a SIP panel made out of two skins of our SigmaBoard™ and our proprietary SigmaCrete™ core. (Bloque Estructural Térmico)


SigmaFloor™ panels can be covered with vinyl, ceramic tiles, wood or any other material as the project requires. Floor panels are made of SigmaCrete™ with a width of 30 millimeters. Floor panels are installed on top of a steel structure so foundation slab is not required.


SigmaRoof™ panels can be plain, or finished with wood laminate in different colors, as required by the project. The exterior of our roof panels are made with non-flammable board and the core is made of high impact polystyrene, giving the characteristic of a thermal barrier to the roof.

The New Energy-Efficient, Affordable Way to Build in the 21st Century

SigmaKit™ manufactures & delivers a new and unique patented construction solution. Our State-of-the-Art  Structural Elements (FCSE) and bonding materials –

SigmaBoards™, SigmaWalls™, SigmaFloors™ and SimgaRoof™ are manufactured through an industrial process using proprietary, synthetic, composite materials similar to those widely accepted by the marine and aerospace industries.

SigmaKit™  The Kit combines all these unique products into the most advanced wall-type construction system in the market. A ready to build unit that can be used for schools, hospitals, emergency shelters, emergency kits in case of Natural Disasters, small apartment complexes up to 4 stories, single family homes, etc. SigmaKit™ is made from the proprietary materials and comes with a complete array of elements to assemble a 72 square meter house in no more than 7 days.

Buildings in an Instant
Global Sigma Tech solves your quick building needs