Global Sigma Tech

Where Technology meets Construction

Global Sigma Tech has a focus, technology meets construction. The GST team is a collaboration of multi-national engineers from several fields: Civil, Mechanical and Electrical, adding up top more than 100 years of combined experience. We have  been dedicated to finding new technologies in affordable building, testing new materials, and new systems since the 1950’s.

All the Sigma Products are made from SigmaCrete™ and the result of more than 50 years of experimentation with new technologies in high quality, low cost fast construction. We are dedicated to the development of new materials and technologies to reduce the cost of construction so every family in the world will be able to afford a home.

Walls for the World

Global Sigma Tech can boast a long history of building social housing and quickly adapting to new technologies to make the best product. Creating Walls for the whole world to afford. Quality and speed are important and that is why we have our own factory. We oversee the production of every board, wall and kit!

US Federal System for Award Management (SAM) Certified

Global Sigma Tech is now eligible for contracts and assistance awards with any US Federal office. as been approved by the US Federal government. This allows us to become even more effective in rebuilding the world with affordable, strong, sustainable homes and dwellings.


Team Principles

Roberto LaRocca

Roberto LaRocca, joined his father’s well established construction firm,  LaRoccaGroup in the 80’s and convinced his father to expand their vision to the real estate market and to get into other fields like office buildings, middle income housing projects, luxury apartments, luxury homes, hotels, etc. While developing different projects, they still invested time and resources looking for new construction technologies and started to develop their own construction system using panels.

Roberto, a Mechanical Engineer from Universidad Simon Bolivar and MBA from Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración (IESA) has carried all this technology and construction knowledge to Global Sigma Tech, and the legacy continues with his son Robert.

Leonard Albanese

Leonard Albanese has a family building legacy, for three decades, he has established an unparalleled reputation as a master builder of custom homes and outstanding communities. A licensed Building Contractor and Real Estate Broker with a degree in Business, Leonard has deep roots in the construction business. Both his father and grandfather were expert masons and builders – artisans of the Old World trades that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Now his sons Anthony and Nick share his passion for building in their firm, Albanese & Sons Builders. Providing housing for the world. whether affordable units or high end elegance is the goal. The collaboration with Global Sigma Tech is the result.

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