Sigma-PE and Sigma-SC

We manufacture two different SigmaWall™ types (Bloque Estructural Térmico). Sigma-PE is a SIP Structural Insulated Panel a substitute for traditional hardwood or plywood and Sigma-SC is a SIP panel specially developed to create a “solid” sensation.

Sigma-PE is made out of two skins of our exclusive SigmaBoard™ and PE (High Impact Polystyrene) core. Suitable to substitute traditional Hardwood or Plywood SIP panels where resistance to water and fire barrier is required.

Sigma-SC is a SIP panel made out of two skins of our SigmaBoard™ and our proprietary SigmaCrete™ core. This panel has been specially developed to create a “solid” sensation but light at the same time.

Our walls are 30 mm, 50 mm, and 75 mm thick. All electrical and water pipes are pre-built in the panel. The exterior of our panel is made out of  flame proof material, and the interior with SigmaCrete™, which is a combination of proprietary agglomerates combined with small pellets of polystyrene.

All of our SigmaCrete™ products have been tested and passed the most rigorous tests, showing that they are as strong as a concrete wall but lighter, they can withstand direct flame at 900 Centigrade degrees without losing structural properties, and are also bullet proof.

SigmaWall™ Advantages


  • Clean
  • Easy to Cut
  • Easy to Handle
  • Easy to Insert
  • Easy to Install
  • Fast Construction
  • Fast Installation
  • Great Finish
  • Great Performance
  • No Need of stucco
  • No Special Labor